Friday, October 25, 2013

Welcome to the Art of Safkhet

Welcome to the Art of Safkhet

Thank you for coming to our main site for our books, we keep this as up to date as possible with each new release that comes out. If you have any questions or issues purchasing any of the selections you want please contact either Stacy or Ashley and they will be more than glad to assist in the purchase of our products.


What kind of books are there?

There is something for everyone at the Art of Safkhet. 

Currently, there are the following categories.


Contemporary Romance - Kemah Sunrise Series & Bud's Christmas Series

Paranormal Romance - Blood Myth

Science - Fiction / Horror/ Paranormal Romance - Blood Series

Cozy Mystery/Women Sleuths - Maverick Touch Series & Witches of Graveton Series

Erotica - Temptation Tuesday Series

Mythology - Sekhmet's Revenge Series

Erotic Mystery - Special Assignment


How can we contact the authors?

You can email Ashley HERE

You can email Stacy HERE

You can email The Art of Safkhet HERE