Upcoming Projects

Three Monthly Series brought to you by

The Art of Safkhet 

Temptation Tuesdays

by: Various Guest Authors

A short story series that will come out on the first Tuesday of every month starting May 2013.

In each story, you will follow a woman through some type of experience where she could learn something about herself that she didn't know. She could experience a new sexual situation where she thrives and relishes in her own journey. Or there could simply be some sort of tawdry weekend away  and the woman is whisked away into her fantasy realm. There will be something for everyone through out these 99 cent shorts. Each one will be between 5,000 and 8,000 words and at the end of twelve months we will put them into a compilation for your enjoyment.

Sekhmet's Revenge

by: Ashley & Stacy

A short story series that will come out on the third Wednesday of each month starting May 2013.

Meet Baysa and Neria, AKA The Girls. These two possess powers that have been untapped and hidden, deep family powers that no one wants to believe or talk about. This short story series will take you on the adventure that The Girls use to discover who and what they are. Their roots go as far back as Egyptian gods and goddesses, betrayal running thick in their history. This series will start around year zero. Where it all began. You will travel with us through the family lineage until present day when Baysa and Neria have to fight for their lives, and the life of a goddess who empowers them. Each of these installments in their journey will be 99 cents and after all twelve are written they will be put into a compilation for your enjoyment.

The Lotus

by: Delilah & Stacy

Stacy A. Moran and Delilah J. Mack will debut their new series of lessons in July 2013. The Lotus will  take you on a journey of inner self awareness through the Art of the Kama Sutra.
Each of these lessons will be 99 cents and after all the lessons are written they will be put into a compilation for your enjoyment.


Blood Series

Ashley has created a world of Algula vampires and she is halfway through her series. You will see Blood Purple and Blood Yellow the first week of July hit the shelves. Here, you will experience the art of betrayal from those who are supposed to love you unconditionally. Zayn and Nikole Kadin will battle not only each other, brother and sister, but also Haydar, Derrik, Dominic and Leigh, their uncle and cousins, for the battle of the throne. Who will come out leading the Algula towards the next century?

The lines have been drawn, the battles have started. King and Princess against Uncle and children.

There will be five books for Ashley's series. You don't want to miss out on a second of any one of them.


Myth Series

Stacy's world of witches and demons encompasses the paranormal like you haven't seen. Evil Egyptian gods playing with the lines of good and evil; creating a world of warriors, men and women alike, who seek out one thing. To Live. Either good or bad, their underlining goal is to come out on top. The Saka Sabat versus the Raka Diavols. Witches versus Demons.

Intertwined with the battle for survival is the story of Sorina and Nikolette. Sisters who have to make a choice. On their 100th birthday they will have to choose which side do they cross over too, and the decision isn't one they can take back later.

Tanerk and Zakah, father and son, face off against each other in a battle to claim the women. Tanerk wants to impregnate, Zakah wants to mate. Who will win ultimately in the end?

Join Stacy on her series as she begins to develop the world of magick that you've never seen before.


Maverick Touch

Ashley loves a good mystery and that's what she is working on. With book one in the can and ideas for book two on the way, her mind is swirling around on where Nadia and Mr. A might travel too next. Inside this series you will find simple and delightful drama. The characters will make you smile and laugh at their interactions with one another. A cooky mother and father leading the Maverick household pave the way for Nadia to dive into trouble. She is a care free and quick witted personality, one you can really like. Carlisle Ali, bad, but with good intentions. Every mothers dream for their daughter.

There are no plans on when this series will stop, most likely when Ashley runs out of things to say. What she does know is that Nadia is a whirlwind of joy and you should pick up her book today.